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STRATA 67 For Low Temperature Aluminium

Convenient easy to use all in one aluminium brazing alloy
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STRATA 69 Zinc Die Cast

Strong low temperature solder for joining aluminium to itself and other metals
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STRATA 636 Aluminium Welding Electrode

Aluminium arc welding electrode for welding alloy castings, truck bodies, housings and pumps....
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STRATA GT4 For Chamfering, Grooving and Gouging

Amazing electrode for chamfering, gouging and doing weld preparation on all types of metals including cast irons.
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STRATA GT7 For Cutting and Piercing

Amazing electrode for cutting and piercing all metal types including nickel, bronze, stainless steel, copper, brass and cast iron...
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STRATA 350 Bronze Electrode

Special Bronze Welding Electrode
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STRATA 704 Handi Jig Heat Shielding Compound

Handi Jig heat absorbing compound protects materials from heat transfer during welding.
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STRATA 747 Magic Metal Epoxy Compound

A metallic resign compound the hardens into a tough alloy suitable for a wide range of repair applications.
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STRATA 748 Magic Aluminium with Foil Dots

Quick Aluminium with foil dots
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STRATA 749 Magic Steel

Swift Steel, epoxy repair
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STRATA 507TS Tool Steel Filler Wire

TIG wire specially designed for repairing hot work tool steel i.e. forging dies, mandrels, plastic extrusion dies and hot shears.
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STRATA 507T High Tensile Tig Filler Wire

Strongest universal tig filler wire for welding all steels and dissimilar metals.
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STRATA International has been supplying welding electrodes to engineers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years and is pleased to support Proline Welding Supplies as the distributor for the South Pacific Region.
Trusted by many to weld in the most challenging applications, STRATA has proved itself to be 'better then the rest' when it comes to specialised welding products, a reputation not easily obtained, but strongly upheld.  Click here to read more.