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STRATA 636 Aluminium Welding Electrode

Aluminium arc welding electrode for welding alloy castings, truck bodies, housings and pumps....
Strata 636 is for arc welding aluminium that has been alloyed with copper, silicon and magnesium. It is also excellent for joining dissimilar grades of aluminium.
An outstanding alloy developed for easy welding of sheet and cast aluminium.
The alloy is made of premium quality core wire with an extruded coating that is dense and free of the air holes often associated with dip coated electrodes.  The combination of the core wire and coating provides a dense, smooth weld with a minimum of spatter.  This fast depositing electrode is recommended for filling holes, building up missing sections, repairing cracks and even heat-treated aluminium.  The quick freezing qualities of the weld metal expedites vertical and horizontal welding.  A must for all maintenance departments where aluminium has to be repaired.

Key Features:

  • 5% Silicon aluminium arc welding electrode with exclusive self lifting slag
  • The only aluminium electrode manufactured in a "Low Temperature" 2.0mm x 250mm size
  • Pure white long shelf life extruded flux coating outlasts conventional products in moisture resistance


Tensile Strength: 32,000 PSI (230 MPa)
Yield Strength: 20,000 PSI (150 MPa) 

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STRATA International has been supplying welding electrodes to engineers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years and is pleased to support Proline Welding Supplies as the distributor for the South Pacific Region.
Trusted by many to weld in the most challenging applications, STRATA has proved itself to be 'better then the rest' when it comes to specialised welding products, a reputation not easily obtained, but strongly upheld.  Click here to read more.