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STRATA 704 Handi Jig Heat Shielding Compound

Handi Jig heat absorbing compound protects materials from heat transfer during welding.
This revolutionary product protects materials from heat during welding, brazing and soldering.  It helps to reduce heat transfer and to eliminate flame damage during fabrication and repair procedures by the efficient absorption and dissipation of thermal energy.
Strata 704 helps prevent distortion or collapse, stress, tempering or crystallisation occurring die to a heat build-up when welding base metals such as aluminium or zinc.
It is non -toxic and has no unpleasant odours.  No hazardous elements such as asbestos, sulphur, phosphorus, chlorine or beryllium are contained in Strata 704.  Other features are that Strata 704 is odourless, non-staining, water soluble, flame resistant, cohesive and re-useable.  It is simple to use – spreading very easily – and is easily cleaned or removed if desired.  Furthermore, it has an excellent shelf life and is safe and easy to use on all metals, coated and painted surfaces, rubber, plastics, electrical wiring, ceramics, chrome plated parts, fabrics, glass, wood, upholstery, etc.  Ideal for use in all industries including auto body repair, dental and jewellery.

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