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STRATA 69 Zinc Die Cast

Strong low temperature solder for joining aluminium to itself and other metals
Strata 69 has a lower bonding temperature than silver brazing alloys, it is ideal as an intermediate alloy for joining. Excellent for low temperature joints on: Aluminium tube, copper tube and refrigeration and air conditions units, aluminium radiators, sheet metal work, manufacturing and repair of instruments, zinc base die castings, joining of dissimilar metals, and can also be used on anodized aluminium.

Key Features:

  • Strong low temperature solder for joining aluminium to other metals
  • Excellent wetting and flow characteristics on almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Retains high strength even at temperatures up to 175°C
  • Better corrosion resistance and higher strength than ordinary soft solders.


Tensile Strength: Up to 6000psi
Pressure Test: Up to 1000psi
Colour Match: Good on aluminium
Working Temp: 204°C - 400°C 

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