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STRATA 64 For Aluminium Brazing

Convenient easy to use all in one aluminium brazing alloy
Strata 64 is a flux cored aluminium alloy which can be used on all weldable grades of aluminium - cast, sheet, wrought aluminium etc.
It contains a special flux in the center core where it is protected from moisture. The alloy is unique in that it can be used on many weldable types of aluminium including sheet. It is ideal for out of position work where control is essential. This alloy has a variable operating range. At high temperatures it flows freely but at low temperatures its high viscosity enables it to be used for building up and filling gaps.
Ideal for repairing cracks and breaks, building up worn or missing parts, joining dissimilar gauges and fabricating new sections.

Key Features:

  • Extremely thin flowing for fine repairs
  • can also be used as a bead formign alloy
  • Convenient 3.2mm x 800mm size


Tensile Strength: Up to 30,000 PSI
Colour Match: Good
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Woring Temp: 590°C 

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