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STRATA 11 Nickel Chrome Silicone Boron alloy that forms complex borides and carbides in a nickel matrix.

Nickel based high heat, corrosion and wear resistant alloy for use on valves, cams, cast iron, stainless steel, and any nickel based alloys.
STRATA 11 flows easily on to base metals and yields smooth deposits. It can be formed and wiped to sharp edge, is thin flowing and super easy to apply. Strata 11 is recommended for use where metal to metal is involved.
Weld deposits maintain a level of hardness up to 1200 F and resist galling, pitting and corrosion in addition to abrasion. It can be deposited on low and medium carbon steels, and cast iron (with flux). Deposits have exceptional hot hardness capabilities and are ideal for overlaying of valves, chains, cams, crane hooks, cutting tools, plough shears, valve push rods, feeder flights, guides etc..
• Liners • Cages • Glass Moulds
• Thrust Shoes • Valve Components • Centrifuges
• Bushings • Oil Extrusion Screws • Shaft Sleeves
• Plastic Extrusion Flight Screws • Slurry Pipe and Elbows • Impeller Screws
The alloy can be used on valves, cams, conveyors, cast iron, stainless steel, and all nickel based alloys. 

Welding Techniques:

Clean weld area thoroughly and remove grease or surface oxidation with steel wool or by grinding. Apply with an oxy-acetylene torch and adjust to a carburising flame. Heat the base metal to a dull red colour and then apply the alloy. Avoid overheating the base metal and use Strata 11 flux. Cool slowly. Grind to shape. The alloy is not recommended for areas of heavy impact or service involving hydrochloric acid corrosion.


Rockwell C Hardness: 54 to 62
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
Corrosion Resistance: Good 

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