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STRATA 147 Hard Facing metal to metal

Designed to resist metal to metal wear, abrasion, impact and high heat.
Strata 147 is a special iron powder, low hydrogen, hard surfacing alloy having deposition rates up to 50% higher than many conventionally coated hardsurfacing rods.
The surface of the weld bead deposit  is extremely smooth, minimising frictional resistance. Due to the special type of coating, penetration is kept at a minimum even at relatively high operating currents. The deposit will maintain its hardness in working temperatures to 648 C. Due to the gall resistance of the deposit and its smoothness, it is an excellent alloy for low stress abrasion applications such as sand.
STRATA 147 is recommended for overlaying surfaces subjected to metal to metal wear, frictional wear or sever earth scouring under low stress conditions. Other applications are; tube mill guides, cultivator shovels, plough shear and discs, frictional clutches, rolling mill guides, ore chutes, etc.....      

Key Features:

  • Idea for friction clutches, bearing surfaces, rolling mill guides, ploughs etc.


Rockwell Hardness: C37 - 42
Corrosion Resistance: Very good, exceeds most stainless steels

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