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STRATA 570 For Low Temperature

Electrode for welding high sulphur and high tensile steels. Also for T.1. steels
Strata 570 is for structural and repair welds on high strength fine grained steels. It is a low alloy, high strength AC/DC electrode for joining low and medium alloy construction steels.

Key Features:

  • Extra low moisture content is below 14%
  • Smooth running AC/DC coating operates in all positions
  • Low spatter yield, self releasing slag and uniform rippled deposit


Tensile Strength: 120,000 PSI (845 MPa)
Yield Strength: 96,000 PSI (665 MPa)
Elongation: 23%
Impact Energy: 82J (20°C): 50J (-51°C)

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STRATA International has been supplying welding electrodes to engineers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years and is pleased to support Proline Welding Supplies as the distributor for the South Pacific Region.
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