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STRATA 555 - For Universal All Position Mild Steel Welding

Versatile all round repair and fabrication of clean, well fitting common mild steel components.
Strata 555 is a universal all position mild steel electrode best suited for all round repair and fabrication of clean, well fitting common mild steel components.
This electrode offers high tensile strength, high deposition rate, automatic slag removal, and welds thick to thin metal without burn through.  Pass-over-pass welding is possible without slag removal or fear of porosity.  It is a low temperature electrode which makes it ideal for welding light gauge metal and also provides deeps penetration qualities for welding dirty, rusty and scaly steels.  
Strata 555 produces a spray type deposition with a high degree of efficiency and is especially recommended as a contact electrode.  

Key Features:

  • Only mild steel electrode offering the convenience of flat, vertical up and down, and overhead welding without changing amperage setting
  • Electrode can be bent without flux breakage
  • Contact (drag) type transfer allows the electrode to weld by itself and the fast freeze slag characteristics ensures fully positional operability
Strata 555 is applied with either a short arc or a tough weld technique.  It can be used on either AC or DC machines.  If DC equipment is used, reverse or straight polarity can be applied. Due to the versatility of Strata 555 the recommended amperage's are only a guide.  By varying the amperages and polarity, the deposition rate and depth of penetration can be easily controlled by the operator.
Welding Techniques:
Hold a short to medium arc length, lean electrode 45⁰ towards the direction of travel. Use either the stringer or weave technique. 
Recommended Current:
Straight (-), Reverse (+) or AC  

Welding Positions:
Flat, Vertical up, Vertical down, Horizontal, Overhead



Undiluted Weld Metal             Maximum Value Up To
Tensile Strength                        83,000 PSI (600 MPa)
Yield Strength                            75,000 PSI (540 MPa)
Elongation                                  25%
Impact Energy                           90J: -4⁰F (-20⁰C) 

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STRATA International has been supplying welding electrodes to engineers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years and is pleased to support Proline Welding Supplies as the distributor for the South Pacific Region.
Trusted by many to weld in the most challenging applications, STRATA has proved itself to be 'better then the rest' when it comes to specialised welding products, a reputation not easily obtained, but strongly upheld.  Click here to read more.