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Soldering and Silver Brazing

STRATA 22  - Gas welding carbide tips, electrical fittings including stainless steels, copper and brass. Excellent for difficult maintenance applications. 
STRATA 22F  - A flux coated cadmium free 56% silver brazing rod for carbide tips, electrical fittings including stainless steels, copper and brass. Safe to use in the food industry or where toxic fumes are forbidden. 

The process of brazing is used to join similar or dissimilar metals by using an alloy of lower melting point than either of the two components to be joined. The most commonly used brazing alloys are copper alloys and silver alloys.

Soldering differs from brazing in that lower temperatures are involved. Most solders are made up of varying proportions of tin, lead, bismuth and other metals with low melting points. Soldering temperatures range from 140°C to 260°C (300oF to 500oF).

Today, welding  is used with a wider  variety  of  materials than ever before and demands for quality, reliability and integrity are continually increasing. With the increase in welding activity, the quest for further knowledge has grown. 

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STRATA International has been supplying welding electrodes to engineers throughout New Zealand for over 25 years and is pleased to support Proline Welding Supplies as the distributor for the South Pacific Region.
Trusted by many to weld in the most challenging applications, STRATA has proved itself to be 'better then the rest' when it comes to specialised welding products, a reputation not easily obtained, but strongly upheld.  Click here to read more.